Sandrine Conus, specialized in cognitive disorders, autism and ASD, is also a trainer aware of the TEACCH approach (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children).

She is a special education teacher for children with cognitive disabilities, particularly children with autism. She also provides training for professionals welcoming ASD in their classrooms, parents' associations, institutions and foundations. She has acquired her know-how after more than 18 years of study and intensive practice in the field of visual adaptation for children with severe academic difficulties and numerous behavioral disorders. She will provide you with the necessary skills to better accompany/support children with neurodevelopmental disorders (DYS, ASD, HP).

Certified since 2021 as a family coach, her approach is aimed at parents who encounter difficulties, small or large, with their children on the educational, relational and communication levels. She aims to improve intra-family relationships. In no way will she ask you to be perfect parents! Its goal is for you to be real while transmitting life skills to your children in a constructive and respectful way.